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Living Systems: Innovative Materials and Technologies for Landscape Architecture

by Alexander Robinson and Liat Margolis, BIRKHÄUSER, 2007

Living Systems surveys a wide array of innovative approaches to material technologies within the field of landscape architecture. The selected projects and materials exhibit a contemporary demand for technological landscapes and the collaboration between designers, engineers, scientists and ecologists. The book’s language proposes a synthesis between technology, theory,  and art. It redefines the conventional boundaries of landscape materiality by focusing on its dynamic attributes, such as: growth, flow, metabolism, climate, and atmospheric phenomena.

Living Systems allows the reader to see how pragmatics and possible poetics operate in a design. On a level of methodological utility, Living Systems asserts the importance of using technology in a phenomenological manner to inform operational strategies in landscape design. On another level, Living Systems also makes clear that technology is a requisite part of the modern condition, which also conditions our experience and embraces the possibilities of our time.
–Eric Ellingsen, Landscape Journal

Available in English, German, French, and Chinese editions (including a Chinese counterfeit sequel).

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