Office of Outdoor Research, 
Landscape Morphologies Lab


The LML Owens Lake Field Unit in Swansea, CA opens again for the Winter Season with an updated exhibit.


A. Robinson particaptes in the second Field School Meetup at the Center for Landuse Interpretation in Wendover, UT

A. Robinson & Aurora Tang run their second field iteration of their “Field School on the Frame” (Arch 580)

A. Robinson is part of team awarded USC’s Research and Development (R&D) Priorities Award in Sustainability to examine the carbon sequestration potentials of kelp-based fertilizers in partnership with TestPlot, USC Department of Biological Sciences, and Arousssiak Gabriellian

The LML Owens Lake Field Unit in Swansea, CA opens


The Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab is awarded USC Provost’s New Strategic Directions for Research Award

Berggruen Institute fellows visit the LA-RIDL as part of their Los Angeles River Tour

Notice To Proceed to access of LA City Hydraulic Modeling Lab for the Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab has been issued by the City of Los Angeles

USC Provost office awards Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab a collaborative Zumberge Grant to work with Andreas Kratky (USC School of Cinematic Arts), Mitul Luhar (USC Viterbi), and Vangelis Lympouridis (USC Viterbi)


A. Robinson published in Lunch 14

August 14
JAE Journal of Architectural Educators reviews The Spoils of Dust By Claire Latané

August 4
The long delayed (due to COVID19) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to use of LA City Hydraulic Modeling Lab for the Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab, is approved by the LA Department of Public Works board.

Opening of Owens Lake exhibit in Center for Landuse Interpretation “Research Trailer” in Owens Lake-adjacent Swansea, CA, delayed due to COVID19. Stay tuned...


November 20
The upcoming Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab is provided substantial support by the Metabolic Studio.

October 21
Journal of Landscape Architecture (JOLA) reviews The Spoils of Dust. By María Fernanda Ordóñez.

October 5-7
Alexander Robinson & Justine Holzman (University of Toronto) co-run a Los Angeles River field design workshop.

October 3
Alexander Robinson participates in the panel discussion  “Willful Waters: A Conversation About the L.A. River.” The event was organized by Places Journal and hosted at Barbara Bestor Architecture. It revisted Robinson’s chapter on the Los Angeles River written with Vittoria di Palma.

September 24
Alexander Robinson participates in the “LA Against  the Mountains” panel curated by Christopher Hawthorne at the SeglasCano Serpentine Pavilion in the La Brea Tarpits.

Alexander Robinson is asked to join the Los Angeles Flood Mitigation Plan Steering Committee Meeting.

Alexander Robinson and Aurora Tang run their first “Field School on the Frame: Itineraries, Interpretation, and Intervention in the American West” (USC Arch 580, Summer)

May 6Final review of 542B Silver Lake reservoir studio. Portfolio of work.

April 9Alexander Robinson is promoted to Associate Professor at USC.

April 4 LARB / Los Angeles Review of Books reviews The Spoils of Dust.

February 9
The Spoils of Dust was featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine.

February 8 Forested exhibition opens at Knowlton Hall, School of Architecture, The Ohio State University, on 2/8, featuring Ficus microcarpa.

January 6
The Spoils of Dust was reviewed by World Landscape Architecture (WLA).


December 6
Ambiguous Territory exhibition opens at Pratt (6-8PM), featuring “Greetings from Owens Lake.” Exhibition runs until February 7, 2019. 

“The surprise reincarnation of Owens Lake” in California Sun #TheSpoilsOfDust

November 29Live televised interview on BNN Bloomberg Commodities Show with Andrew Bell, on The Spoils of Dust and Owens Lake.

November 21
The Spoils of Dust is now available in stores!

November 12
The Spoils of Dust is reviewed in Nature!
Included in the High Country New’s “sampling of the season’s best new books.”

November 7 Alexander presents LMLab work to Harvard Graduate School of Design advanced landscape architecture representation course.  

October 26
Feast’ published in Landscape Architecture Magazine.

October 5
"Willful Waters," edited and excerpted in Places Journal, is featured by Hidden Hydrology.

October 4
RebArena wins an ASLA Southern California Chapter Merit Design Award!

October 1
University of Virginia School (UVA) of Architecture Fall 2018 Lecture Series panel for opening of Ambiguous Territory exhibition at UVA, featuring Greetings from Owens Lake.

May 25
Participated in Field School Meet-Up in Wendover, Utah

May 18
Alexander Robinson invited as external critic in Cornell's Department of Landscape Architecture thesis reviews.

May 16
"Willful Waters," edited and excerpted in Places Journal, is featured on Longreads. 

May 8
Vittoria Di Palma's and my chapter, "Willful Waters," in River Cities, City Rivers, Harvard University Press edited by Thaïsa Way from the May 8–9, 2015, Dumbarton Oaks Conference, River Cities, Garden and Landscape Studies Symposium has been edited and excerpted in Places Journal.

April 4
The Spoils of Dust is the recipient of a 2018 Graham Foundation Grant for individuals.

March 6
The Spoils of Dust is the recipient of the 2018 Foundation for Landscape Studies David R. Coffin Publication grant given "for the research and publication of a book that advances scholarship in the field of garden history and landscape studies."

February 16
"Notes from the Middleground: Landscape and Infrastructure" at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Environmental, Hearst Lecture Series, San Luis Obispo, CA


(A year spent on The Spoils of Dust)

October 20, 21
Moderator for “Ecology, Design, and Community at California’s Salton Sea” & Panelist on “Visualizing the Creative Design of North American Rivers” at American Society of Landscape Architecture National Conference, Los Angeles, CA

September 27-October 18, 2017"Greetings from Owens Lake" showing at that Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Univesity of Michigan, Ann Arbor as part of the "ambiguous territory: architecture, landscape, and the postnatural" exhibit and symposium.

July 24
Participant in Dredge Research Collective organized conference with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Design with Nature (DwN) and Landscape Architecture conference at USACE ERDC in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

May 24-31
CLUI Residency aboard the GSLEP (Great Salt Lake Exploration Platform)  

April 19
Panel member for 3rd LA | 96 Acres: Designs on the Silver Lake, hosted my Los Angeles Times architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne at Occidental College.


(At the American Academy in Rome till July)

November 18
Presentation & panel at Realms and Realities Colloquium at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

October 29
Interviewed as part of Next Up: LA River Archinect Podcast at the A+D Museum

October 23
Panel presentation at #ASLA2016: SUN-A08: “Interfacing with Landscape Performance: Case Studies and Research in Simulation and Modeling”

September 22-24
Landscape As Necessity Conference, USC School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urbanism Program, presenter and session moderator

April 20
Presentation: “A Projective Picturesque: Reconciling Pictorial with Performance in Landscape Architecture” at International Congress of Landscape Architects, IFLA

March 1
RebArena published in Paysage Redazione Magazine “Paesaggi Di-Vini” TopScape 23

March 30
Panel Participant with Composer Chris Cerrone & Pianist Vicky Chow, “Vicky Chow Plays Music by American Academy Fellows, Musical Premiere of “The Arching Path”

July 13
Sci-Arc's OffRamp 11: "Inyo and Obsidian Geo-metry or How Long is a Piece of String?"

Feburary 26
Feast of the Picturesque. Act X is  exhibited in the Cinque Mostre show at the American Academy in Rome


(At the American Academy in Rome from September onward)

December 2
Presented paper “The Opportunities and Hazards of Integrated Water Resource Management for (Blue Green) Open Space in Los Angeles” at UNESCO, International Conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change

November 5
"Greetings from Owens Lake" was featured in an article in The Architect's Newspaper on new visualization techniques for landscape architecture: Making by SeeingAnd previously in a review of the After the Aqueduct show at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in KCET's Artbound magazine: After the Aqueduct: Considering a Dry Future

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