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Roman Rivers Eng—ender/ineer Mixture

The work is a photo collection book / project on the Picturesque and the Tiber River in Rome, conducted while on the Rome Prize fellowship. It documents a river and our process of framing landscapes pictorially. The process by which a walk on the Tiber is translated into a picture book is documented coincidentally with the found landscape conditions. I see it as a meditation on what is Picturesque today, how we make it today with current technology. The project starts to recuperate the ideas behind this much abused aesthetic category. It salvages ideas and ways of talking about landscape that I think are useful for modern infrastructures. The work draws on the writing of Uvedale Price and the much later Sidney Robinson, that led somewhat organically to a unique process of treating the photo documentation of a prescribed, yet exploratory, “ramble” or “inland voyage.”

Exhibted at Fellows’ Open Studios and Reading Group Show, American Academy in Rome, June 8, 2016

Book in development.

Book spreads

Fellows’ Open Studios Exhibition

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