Office of Outdoor Research, 
Landscape Morphologies Lab

Studies in Natural Geometries

Euclidean geometry can describe most architecture, but it fails to effectively describe the natural forms of landscapes; a task best left to the relatively novel geometric system of  fractals. However, while landscape architecture  has an undeniable connection to natural geometries, practice often reveals a  superficial understanding of their form.  

Based upon research into fractal geometries, this project employs surveying tools (including aerial photography devices) to build and record full-scale drawings and other representations of natural forms. Surveying fractal forms with contours and other lines celebrates the gaps and opportunities of each descriptive system and geometry and allows for further critical representations. Underlying the work is a desire to re-formulate traditions of studying natural landscapes for design  inspiration and an interest in seeking new primary landscape sources, such as the eccentric landscape geometries of the Owens Valley “wunderkammer”.

SCI-ARC OFFRAMP 11: “Inyo and Obsidian Geo-metry or How Long is a Piece of String?”

Inyo Microwatershed

Obsidian Dome

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