Office of Outdoor Research, 
Landscape Morphologies Lab

“Greetings from Owens Lake”

To help cultivate a public imagination for Owens Lake, part of the Rapid Landscape Prototyping Machine interface was refitted to operate within a custom stand-up “arcade” machine. Everyday users can select between a variety of vacuum-formed sand models, representing possible dust control designs, and slide them onto the game tabletop. After the digital model is loaded, they can use buttons and a joystick to dress them with a selection of dust control technologies, modulate water use, and control experiential parameters, such as time of day and viewer position. Users are motivated to play by an instant postgame reward of a custom souvenir postcard printed with one of their design configurations.
Exhibited at L.A.CE. (2015) as part of “After the Aqueduct” curated by Kim Stringfellow and at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at University of Michigan (2017), University of Virginia (2018), Pratt Institut (2018-2019) in Ambigious Territories Exhibit. 

Upcoming exhibit in the Eastern Sierra, 2019.

Postcards are being compiled to generate data and representations of landscape preference and imagination.

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