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River LAnding

Though seasonally unsafe, the banks of the LA River represent one of the cities greatest remaining unoccupied open spaces. River LAnding is a prototype for safe, summer-long park installations on the banks of the river.  The underlying purpose is to organically develop a culture of use prior to the river’s permanent re-design by the Army Corps of Engineers. The bottom-up project subverts existing legal restrictions to accessing the channel by making a “movie” and taking advantage of the tradition of relatively lax film permitting (Grease, Terminator, Them!, etc.) By employing the production tools of Hollywood to create a full-scale prototype and film the project seeks to jump-start a lively culture of riverbank inhabitation to balance the upcoming project focused on river “restoration” and habitat.

Movie Pitch (youtube)

Finalist in 2013 Goldhirsch $100k Ideas Competiton

LA Curbed & Daily Trojan

Made in collaboration with the “River LAnding Collective”

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